18k gold-plated jelly imitation glass orchid camellia brooch rhinestones floral pin

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Flower Pin Size

 Material: Alloy imitation glass water diamond
Process: Electroplating environmentally friendly gold
Orchid size: 7.7cm * 5.8cm
Weight: 38g
Camellia flower size: 6cm * 5.6cm
Weight: 34g


A Flower Pin can be a delightful accessory, perfect for adding a touch of natural beauty to your outfit. Here are some options for finding one:

  1. Flower Pin Florists: Local florists often carry floral accessories, including floral pins. They may have handmade options or be able to create a custom flower brooch for you.
  2. Online Retailers: Websites like ANNEN JEWEL stores offer a wide range of flower pins in various styles, materials, and designs. You can browse through their selections and find a flower brooch that matches your taste.
  3. Jewelry Stores: Some jewelry stores carry floral-inspired pins that feature intricate designs and quality craftsmanship. Visit your local jewelry store to see if they have any flower pins available.
  4. Fashion Boutiques: Boutique shops specializing in accessories and unique fashion pieces may have flower pins as part of their inventory. Explore these stores to discover stylish and elegant floral pins to complement your wardrobe.
  5. Craft Fairs and Artisan Markets: Attend craft fairs, artisan markets, or local art shows where independent artists and designers showcase their handmade creations. You might find beautifully crafted flower pins made from various materials such as fabric, metal, or polymer clay.
  6. DIY: If you’re feeling crafty, consider making your own floral brooch! There are plenty of tutorials and DIY kits available online to help you create a custom flower brooch tailored to your preferences.

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Orchid, Camellia Flower


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